Tony 'Doggen' Foster

Tony is a professional songwriter, musician, engineer and producer who has collaborated with numerous acclaimed musicians and bands including Spiritualized, Julian Cope, Robert Wyatt, Youth and Soulsavers. His contribution to BE has been as a composer, arranger, engineer, producer and musician where he plays a variety of instruments – guitar, piano, Fender Rhodes and Indian drone box. 


Kev Bales

Kev is a professional musician and composer with 25 years experience who has collaborated with some of the most interesting and innovative songwriters working today, including Mark Lanegan, Spiritualized, Julian Cope, Dave Gahan and Soulsavers. His contribution to BE has been as a composer, arranger, producer and musician where he plays a variety of instruments – percussion, harmonica and piano.



Wolfgang Buttress

Wolfgang Buttress is an artist that explores themes of the natural and sublime, his artworks seek expression through immersive and physical forms. Wolfgang draws inspiration from nature, collaborating with experts to explore and interpret scientific discoveries.

He has played and written music for over 30 years and the BE project is the first time that he has integrated sound directly into his artworks. He was instrumental in bringing together this group of diverse and acclaimed musicians, a scientist and 40,000 honey bees to create a new symphony of bee and man. Wolfgang plays percussion, co writes and co arranges the songs with BE.


Deirdre Bencsik


Deirdre studied at the Guildhall School of Music, London and has freelanced with many of the country's leading orchestras. She is currently principal cello with Sinfonia Viva, a member of the Past Lives Film Project and an established chamber musician, having played for thirteen years with the Usher Piano Trio.

Deirdre's contribution to the BE project  has been fundamental to both the writing and atmosphere of the soundscape and songs.


Camille Christel

Camille wrote and sang the words on ONE when she was 14 in 2015. She is a prolific songwriter and has been singing and writing songs as long as she can remember. Her input and initial improvisations with classically trained cellist Deirdre Bencsik provided the musical basis for the BE soundscape and the album ONE. She has gone on to co write and sing two new BE tracks Two Feet of Snow and Blue Lullaby.  She will be releasing a solo EP in early 2018.


BE Drones

The BE drones are an eclectic group of musicians, acoustic engineers and film makers that have contributed their skills, patience and time developing the sound of BE on both on record and on the production of live performances; without these people BE would not exist as a multi sensory experience.

This includes acclaimed scientist Dr. Martin Bencsik, the musical talents of Rob Howard, Beth Danks, Jim Walker, Troy Foster, Kathryn Coates and Leon Bales. Jason Spaceman, John Coxon, Amiina and Youth. 
The sound skills of Hoare Lea (Mike Bedford and Paulie Roche) Outboard ( Robin Whitaker and Hamish Bamford). 
The audio-visual talent of Spool Films and Confetti. Live production and tour management by Caron Malcolm.